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> Whey Protein Coffee - The Trending Pre-Workout Routine

Whey Protein Coffee - The Trending Pre-Workout Routine



If hitting the gym makes half of the battle for fitness freaks the other half remains in tailoring the choice of the supplement and in making the best use of it. And if you have already chosen Whey Protein supplement, you are halfway through your goals for muscle building. The recognition that Whey Protein has received in the supplement world is simple enough to prove its efficiency!

I was mentioning the other half of the challenge – ‘hitting the gym’. This is especially tougher for those who train in the early morning hours. To drag yourself out of the bed and to be self-motivated to hit the gym may not always seem that easy for you.

Whey Protein no doubt is an excellent muscle-stimulant, but the mood-stimulant is what you need in this scenario to get you steady and to keep you boosted to win the other half of the battle and achieve your goals.

Now, what if a drink could come to your rescue and offer you a solution for both the strength and energy you need? That’ll be great!

Today, in this article, you’ll learn about one such trendy solution – Whey Protein Coffee, that’s gaining fast popularity.


What Is Whey Protein Coffee?


Whey Protein Coffee is nothing other than what it sounds like. It’s a combination of Whey Protein powder and Coffee, in other words, a coffee-based protein supplement.

It’s a tasty blend that gives you the dual benefit of stimulating, energizing properties of caffeine found in coffee with the nutritional value of protein.


How Does The Coffee-Infused Protein Powder Benefit You?

The smell of Coffee alone is so reviving. Coffee is known for its ability to energize and to help you focus better. Adding Whey Protein to Coffee uplifts your mood, gets you out from dozing (especially if you tend to work out in the early morning) and gives you the mental edge to boost your work out sessions, While there are no studies to prove that coffee can negatively affect the body’s ability to absorb protein, the merits are many.


1. Energy Booster

Coffee being a catabolic compound facilitates the breakdown of energy. Drinking Protein Coffee before your workout improves your stamina for improved performance. Protein Coffee helps you stay alert and mentally prepared to tackle the physical, mental and psychological demands of working out. The heat from the coffee helps to breakdown the protein so that it can be digested and absorbed quickly into your bloodstream.


2. Effective Weight Loss Aid 

It’s a known fact that Whey Protein is a pioneer in weight loss benefits. Whey helps to increase metabolism and reduce appetite while keeping you fuller and satiated. Coffee and Whey both have the metabolism-boosting ability, hence taking it before a workout helps to suppress your appetite and increase fat burning. The added advantage of Coffee is that it helps to boost the production of happy-feel hormones like dopamine and keep away depression or low-feeling which could be the probable outcome when you are on a low-calorie weight loss diet.


3. Gives Potent Anti-oxidant Benefits


Your workout can increase the level of free radicals in the body, which could cause cellular damage and lead to low immunity and illness. Coffee is known to be one of the biggest sources of antioxidants that are very effective at neutralizing free radicals and preventing oxidative stress. The alkaloids and polyphenols in Coffee have potent anti-inflammatory benefits2 which can benefit muscle recovery and immune health. Whey Protein combined with Coffee work towards effective muscle recovery, muscle building and immune response.


4. Whey Protein & Coffee Counterbalance Each Other

While the catabolic effect of Coffee releases stored energy, Whey Protein through its anabolic effect helps to restore and rebuild. Coffee raises the cortisol (stress hormone) levels which is in a way beneficial before the workout to keep you motivated, alert and ready to cope with the challenge. However, this effect is not required post-workout when you need to relax and your muscles too. Whey Protein helps increase the levels of Seratonin, a neurotransmitter that reduces the stress and fatigue and elevates your mood after the workout.



How To Add Whey Protein Powder To Coffee Effectively?

Including Whey Protein powder with coffee will significantly add to the flavour of your protein powder, especially if you are using the unflavoured variety. But the concern here is that the heat-sensitivity of Whey poses a big challenge when you want to take advantage of using it in a more beneficial and different format.

Most protein powders (particularly Whey Protein) don’t dissolve well in hot liquids. Whey Protein tends to get curdled and lumpy when mixed with hot fluids.

So, here are the tips to help you mix the 2 well:

a. You can avoid the lumping of Whey by initially mixing it with water at room temperature, and then add this mixture to hot Coffee.

b. Adding Whey Powder little by little, instead of dumping the whole scoop into Coffee at a time will enable better mixability.


You must be thinking, will not adding Whey Protein to hot coffee cause it to get denaturated?

This won’t happen as long as you don’t add it to extremely high-temperature liquid1. After all, none of us drinks extreme hot beverages. Keep one thing in mind that the nutritional value of Whey will not be affected upon mixing it with hot coffee.

Practically speaking, Whey Protein Coffee tastes best when chilled, but if you prefer hot beverage, make sure you cool down your coffee before mixing Whey Protein powder.


So, no more dozy mornings…..take your workout to the next level with the stamina and strength Whey Protein Coffee offers you!


Whey Protein Coffee is a tasty, stimulating, yet rich in protein that is perfect for your early morning workout routine.


Note: It is very essential to consume the supplement in moderation to get better results and to avoid any side-effects.> Link1 ---------->Link2


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