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> How To Use Protein Shakes To Gain Healthy Weight?

How To Use Protein Shakes To Gain Healthy Weight?


While most of the population is whining about struggle in shedding kilos, putting on weight is not exactly thought of as much of a challenge. Trust me guys, gaining weight is easier said than done. Just like how you need to set disciplined eating habits and workout routine for achieving weight loss goals, dietary and workout discipline is applicable to achieve weight gain goals too.

I always say this in my blogs that, gaining or losing weight should be aimed in a healthy manner. It may seem very easy for you to eat McDonald pizzas, burgers, pastries all day long to put on pounds. Remember, what you need to gain is a healthy weight (comprised of muscle mass), not the fat mass! Check our blog on fast foods to learn their impact on fitness and muscle building.

This article is exclusively for those of you who have been asking us to suggest how to gain weight with protein shakes. Well, if you are one of those having a hard time gaining weight, then read on…


Why Do Some Find It Tough To Gain Weight?


Out of the 3 body types, ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs, ectomorphs are the ones who struggle to gain a healthy weight due to their high rate of metabolism. Although individual body type is determined largely by genetics and lifestyle, there are ways which we can follow to modify our body types and achieve effective results. Ectomorphs are characterized by a light frame with long limbs, low-fat mass, skinny or bony body. Being underweight, their body mass index will be below 18.5.


What Is The Chief Requisite For Weight Gain?

It’s a known fact that weight gain is a matter of being in a caloric surplus. For an ectomorph to gain weight, they have to consume more calories than they use per day. Technically, there are only 2 ways to gain weight: The first is to eat more calories and the second is by strength training.


Proper diet is crucial to gaining healthy weight but your diet alone won’t get you there. Since your muscles are made up of protein, it’s important you get most of your calories from protein. If you are aiming for carbs and fat, make sure you focus on eating complex carbs and healthy fats like peanut butter, oats, dry fruits, whole wheat bread.

Your muscles need stimulus to grow to complement your dietary efforts. Strength training on a regular basis triggers the release of anabolic hormones inside the body to make you gain weight easily.

Now, eating excess calories is not easy when you are already full of eating. Trying to eat more than what your stomach can hold cause nausea, and make you feel sick. Then how to get the extra calories?


Protein Shakes Are A Great Tool To Gain Weight

We have now come to the main topic of today’s discussion, how to use protein shakes to gain weight?

Protein shakes have remained a mystery to most dieters until today. Most often, protein shakes are suggested as a meal replacement to help people lose weight. If I say protein shakes can be a great tool for weight gain, it may surprise you. This is due to the fact that dieters remain unaware of how the protein shakes work to achieve individual goals. The lack of knowledge often leads to the misuse of protein powders and to experiencing no results from their use. Don’t worry, we’ll learn more about protein shakes in this article and get a thorough knowledge about their usage.


Choose The Right Quality Protein Powder

There are different varieties of protein powder on the market to choose from. You must choose the protein powder based on the type of ingredients and processing type. The ingredient list of protein powder gives you an insight into what the product contains.                                                              The best protein powder is the one with minimal ingredients, cold-processed, unflavoured (which lets you make varieties) and one which contains protein content of at least 80% like that of AS-IT-IS protein powder.


Top 10 Benefits Of Protein Shakes For Weight Gain

Protein shakes for weight gain are recommended when your caloric need is higher than the number of calories you are taking in. They are ideal to help you gradually gain weight, especially if you have a low appetite. They provide essential amino acids that work together to build muscles.

Protein shakes can help you gain weight by increasing your muscle weight and not fat.

  • Very convenient (economical, time-saving) to promote the anabolic environment in the body.

  • They are customizable ( for vegetarian, vegan, lactose-intolerant)

  • Versatile dietary tool (can aim for variety)

  • On the go calorie drink which provides defined calorie content.

  • Because your body has to burn more calories to digest protein, it helps boost your metabolism.

  • Can provide up to 500-600 calories in just one shake.

  • Can have the same nutritional value as actual meals.

  • Easy way to manipulate the total calorie intake.

  • Effective weight gain solution without having to chew all day long.


High-Calorie Protein Shakes For Weight Gain

All this while, I was telling you about the difficulty in gaining weight for ectomorphs, the importance of strength training, how to choose the right protein powder, and the benefits of protein shake for weight gain.

The simple matter what you have got to understand here is:

>You use the same protein powder for weight loss and weight gain goals.

>Your protein shake should be calorie-enriched for weight gain and low-calorie for weight loss results.

>You generally use a protein shake as a meal replacement for weight loss but to gain weight, you must use it as a meal supplement.





  • 250ml milk (calories --109)

  •  1 scoop unflavoured Whey powder (calories – 120)

  •  2 tbsp peanut butter (calories – 190)

  • 1 ripe banana (calories – 110)

  •  1 tsp cocoa powder (optional) (calories – 4)

Peel banana, put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. This simple to make protein shake aims to give you around 533 calories which is good enough to meet your daily extra calorie count.


Folks, you can prepare similar protein shakes by altering the ingredients like instead of banana, you can add 2tbsp oats, ¼ cup strawberries, a chunk of dark chocolate, vanilla ice cream, avocado, pineapple, papaya, dates, figs, dry fruits which are all high-calorie food options. Using this kind of a protein shake between your major meals yields the best result for weight gain.

Plan your meals and protein shakes in such a way that you should get an adequate caloric surplus.

You’ll need to consume an extra 500 calories per day if you want to put on a pound per week. While it can be impossible to eat 5-6 meals per day as gaining weight requires, using calorie-rich protein shake can make the best nutritional solution to boost your daily intake of calories…


I hope you now know that whether protein makes you fat or lean is a matter of its usage…


Okay, while I come back with yet another interesting blog, work on your fitness goals and do write to us about your successful fitness journey in the comment section below.


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