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Everything You Need To Know About Brown Rice Protein

Madhura Mohan

Posted on April 22 2019


Rice is a highly nutritious grain and makes up a significant part of the diet. While it is very common for us to think of rice as a carb source, there is a fair amount of protein in the rice grain too!

Well, the topic of discussion today is one such protein derived from rice-Brown Rice Protein, which has dramatically conquered the protein market not just because of the protein content in it, but due to the high degree of health components it offers.

Before we discuss anything, let’s first learn what brown rice is?


What Is Brown Rice?

'Brown Rice' is the name in reference to the characteristic brown colour of the bran on the grain, which distinguishes it from white rice.

Brown Rice falls under the category of whole grain. Well, whole grain is grain in its natural, fullest form that contains all the nutrients, carbs, vitamins, minerals, fibres and antioxidants.

Brown Rice, unlike the white rice, is unpolished, meaning it has not been hulled and contains all the 3 parts of the grain, the outer fibre-filled layer called the bran, the nutrient-rich core called the germ, and a starchy middle layer called the endosperm.


What Is Brown Rice Protein Powder?


Brown Rice protein is a protein supplement made from brown rice. The protein is extracted from Brown Rice by treating Brown Rice with enzymes through a special conversion process that causes the separation between carbs and protein. The enzymes are considered vegan and the processing of rice in this technique is considered a ‘raw food technique’. Once it is extracted, the protein is converted into a high-quality useful protein powder.

The next question in your mind would probably be this,


Why Should We Consider Brown Rice Protein?


You have already read and understood from many blogs as to how important protein is for our body. It’s very essential for us to understand that without a proper protein intake, we’ll find ourselves struggling to lose weight, fight fatigue, and suffer from mood swings and many other health issues.

There are endless dairy and non-vegetarian protein sources. But the concern here is with vegetarians and vegans, who do not get sufficient protein from their diet, as vegetarian and vegan sources that provide sufficient and good quality protein are limited.

Brown Rice Protein has come as an answer to all your worries. It’s a protein you can try even if you’re not a vegan or vegetarian or don’t otherwise follow a restricted diet.


Brown Rice Protein Is a Good Way To Give Your Body The Protein It Needs While Maintaining Your Dietary Goals. Know how...


1. Brown Rice Protein Is Hypoallergenic  


Some individuals are so allergic to egg, milk and soy-based protein that, they refrain themselves from using any sort of protein powder fearing allergic reactions.  Good news is that there are no concerns with allergies when it comes to Brown Rice Protein. Brown Rice Protein is best suitable for almost any user. Anyone can eat and reap the benefits of Brown Rice Protein. Besides, Brown Rice protein powder is free from gluten (the wheat protein) that some manufacturers add to protein powders.


2. Brown Rice Protein Is Easy To Digest


The main appeal of Brown Rice Protein is the easy digestibility. Different protein sources are digested and metabolized at various rates. Brown Rice Protein gets to work quickly making it ideal for post-workout recovery.


3. Brown Rice Protein Tastes Good


Unlike some vegan protein sources which may have strong and distinctive flavours that may be difficult for some users, Rice Protein Powder has a very subtle and familiar taste that makes it suitable to be used in a variety of recipes to improve their nutritional profile.


4. Brown Rice Protein Has Excellent Amino Profile For Muscle Recovery


The amino acids in protein are like little building blocks that help muscles recover and rebuild so that they become stronger than before.

Brown Rice Protein, although is not a complete protein (some amino acids are missing), it contains high amounts of many essential amino acids. The missing amino acids can be gained by means of a complementary protein source.


5. Brown Rice Protein Helps Promote Balanced Blood Sugar


Blood sugar will spike in response to meals, causing the pancreas to secrete the hormone, insulin to facilitate the storage of circulating nutrients.

Usually, high-carb diets will lead to large insulin spikes which may trigger fat-storage and lead to insulin resistance.

Combining a whole protein like Brown Rice Protein, which is a low-glycemic index1 food (with an average GI rating of 55 or less), helps to balance out the effect that carbs have on blood sugar and insulin to help cut down on the associated body fat storage.


6. Brown Rice Protein Promotes Weight Loss


You have learnt that high protein diets, regardless of protein sources, support weight loss by speeding up metabolism and decreasing the food intake. Protein supplements like Brown Rice protein have a ‘thermic effect’, meaning that they create heat in the body through the process of digestion. Since proteins take a lot of energy to digest, you burn calories after eating a meal high in proteins. As per the research, peptides in Brown Rice Protein are most effective at reducing weight gain.2You can build your weight loss strategy around this lean source of protein and see effective results.


7. Brown Rice Protein Reduces Cholesterol


Brown Rice Protein is a perfect choice in achieving your goal of cholesterol regulation. Studies show that the peptides found in Brown Rice Protein, in addition to increasing weight loss, help your liver to synthesis the cholesterol created by the liver itself and by other cells of the body


8. Improves Liver Function


I am sure, you must have not known this, but Brown Rice protein is a powerful anti-oxidant. Antioxidants help prevent specific types of cell damage, especially damage caused by oxidation (free radical formation caused by oxygen molecules travelling freely in the body) which can lead to liver damage.

In a 2015 study, researchers have found that the benefits of Brown Rice Protein include hepaprotective effects that defend the liver from damage. Peptides in Brown Rice Protein can help the liver synthesize decreased cholesterol.3


Don’t underestimate the power of dairy-free, gluten-free vegan protein!

Brown Rice Protein is ideal for all your goals, whatever your fitness ambitions are...




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